NISSAN 350Z is a very good choice to buy. There are some reasons for that are;Close-ratio 6-speed manual transmission makes quick work of trip up to the 7,500-rpm line.Available 5-speed automatic with manual-style control features rev-matching for smoother downshifts.Programmable shift indicator light keeps you performing at optimal level. Drive computer puts important performance data performing at optimal level. Drive computer puts important performance data like a stopwatch, average speed and distance to empty right at your fingertips. Also interior and exterior of the car is very beautiful.



Starting at $83,700 MSRP
4.8-liter, V-8 engine
360 horsepower
Rear-wheel drive
21 mpg hwy*Starting at $83,700 MSRP
These are the general informations for 650i convertible. It is a very beautiful car which you desire for.


New Beetle

This car hasing a cataracter. It is mostly liked by girls and womens. It is an unlike car because of its exterior. If you want comfort and safety, if you like cute and small car new beetle is the perfect choice. Everybody will release you, when you are going down the street.


My drem car is Mercedes-benz SL. I like the brand Mercedes. It is one of the best one in the market. I like speed and luxury so SL is the best choice for me. I like its outside seem and also inside of it. It is very comfortable and functional.  I also like the buttons lights when it is dark. In addition to this the car’s going-its speed makes you feel the freedom. I totally like this car and wish to have one, one day.


The other car, that is in my dreams is white Escalade with black windows. It is a big car actually it is not a car, it is a jeep. You feel comfortable and safe in it. It is big that makes you feel stronger. It is not for speed but it is one of my dream car.


Boxster RS 60 Spyder

Forests, winding roads, sharp corners.  The Porsche  RS 60 Spyder mastered them with flying colours. Its decisive advantages: low weight, high agility. The classic Roadster virtues at Porsche, up to the present day.  Porsche is a well known brand for a long time so everybody knows how it is fast and a dream car it is.